Asset Protection Texas Style

Boundary disputes and property disputes are one of the more challenging areas of real estate law. Common examples of these type of disputes are a fence or property divider being in the wrong place, an incorrect survey, a property encroachment, improved property being developed on the wrong lot, and a dispute over ownership of land. Having one of these issues can devalue your property or even prevent you from selling your property. Since real estate is likely any owner’s most valuable asset, you can rest assure they will fight diligently to protect it.  

Disputes arise due to uncertainty or confusion. Property owners assume fences are placed correctly on the property line when in fact, they are not. Deeds sometimes have errors and multiple parties have rights to property. Reading and interpreting legal documents and surveys improperly also contribute to these disputes. If the uncertainty or confusion is not resolved, things can escalate quickly between property owners. Even the President of the United States of America can find himself in a land dispute in Texas.