Austin Real Estate Attorney

Need a real estate attorney? The Guerra | Days Law Group is a full-service law office with a new location in Austin, Texas open now to help with your real estate needs. Our Austin real estate attorneys handle matters ranging from simple to complex, residential to commercial real estate law throughout Texas. We work with all real estate professionals including investors, agents and brokers, mortgage loan originators, sellers, and buyers.  Our goal is to make your real estate needs a reality in Austin, or wherever you are within Texas.

Austin Real Estate Representations

Property Disputes

Boundary disputes and property disputes are one of the more challenging areas of real estate law. Common examples of these type of disputes are a fence or property divider being in the wrong place, an incorrect survey, a property encroachment, improved property being developed on the wrong lot, and a dispute over ownership of land. Having one of these issues can devalue your property or even prevent you from selling your property. Since real estate is likely any owner’s most valuable asset, you can rest assure they will fight diligently to protect it.

Deed Transfer

A deed is a written instrument used to transfer real property. A deed will typically contain the current owner of the real property and the name of the person the real property is being transferred. Our firm can draft: Warranty Deeds, Special Warranty Deeds, Grant Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Bargain and Sale Deeds, Quitclaim Deeds, and Transfer on Death Deeds (TODD). Don’t know which type of deed you need to transfer or sell your property? Don’t worry, we do!


When a loved one passes and leaves property or an estate, it can be a difficult for families to understand how to manage the situation. As a probate attorney in Austin, Guerra | Days Law Group understands the pain and sorrow that shadows over the family during this time. Do not worry, an experienced Austin real estate attorney from our firm will explain the different options and seek out the best solution for your particular situation.

Real Estate Fraud

Fraud and forgery occur frequently in real estate transactions. You will find fraud and forgery in probate law, business law, bankruptcy law, construction law, family law, etc. Fraudulent document formation and forged legal documents are the most common types of fraud and forgery found in real estate law. In order to prove fraud or forgery, the fraud or forgery must be found false or true through testimony of the person whose signature is meant to be on the document, or a forensic document examiner will be brought in to make an assessment of the document. If you suspect fraud or forgery in your real estate transaction, call us so we can assist immediately.

Construction Law

The construction world is unique in many regards; construction projects can range from the remodeling of one’s kitchen to the construction of a high-rise apartment complex. Regardless of the project size, issues will almost inevitably arise. General contractors, subcontractors, owners, material providers, sureties, lenders and everything else in between must be familiar with the rules and regulations involved at every level in the construction industry, with particular attention to their respective position.

Contract Disputes

All real estate transactions are formed on basis of some type of contract. Each party agrees to do certain things within certain guidelines and restrictions outlined in the contract. Contract disputes arise when a party does not fulfill their end of the bargain. In a real estate transaction, this can mean: failure to pay, failure to meet deadlines, closing cost disputes, failing to include certain items in the sale, failing to deliver the deed, etc. Whatever the reason may be for the dispute, our firm’s Austin real estate attorneys will serve your best interest.


Although real estate investors are generally optimistic, it’s not realistic to believe that every real estate transaction will be successful. Successful investors understand and embrace this fact by implementing systems that allow them to cut and recoup their losses in the shortest amount of time possible. Having an understanding of the Texas foreclosure process is imperative in avoiding unnecessary loss of time and capital. If you are a private money lender or investor that facilitates owner financing transactions, it can mean the difference between a winning and a losing investment. Even worse, if the Texas foreclosure process is not respected, it can lead to the loss of the entire investment through a lawsuit. Contact us to avoid foreclosures.


The Austin real estate attorneys at Guerra | Days Law Group represents tenants in evictions and in all other landlord-tenant disputes. Our firm understands how unforeseen obstacles and events can enable a client’s financial burden, which unfortunately can result with an eviction. As your legal representative, our firm believes it is important for a tenant to understand the eviction notice, especially if it was served wrongfully. If you have been served with an eviction notice and do not know what to do or have been wrongfully evicted, contact us immediately. Our firm is equipped with the necessary tools and tactics to stop your eviction now.

Loan Modifications

If you are struggling to pay your mortgage, you are not alone. Millions of Americans are one paycheck away from facing foreclosure of their homes or businesses. Our founding attorneys personally experienced the struggles of families during the 2008 mortgage crisis and successfully provided financial solutions. Do not let unpaid mortgage payments prevent you from obtaining financial freedom. We want to find the right solution to assist you in bringing your mortgage current, and ultimately save your home. Consult an experienced mortgage loan modification attorney from Guerra | Days Law Group today.

Owner Financing

Purchasing a home is often the largest single investment a person ever makes. Most homeowners rely on some form of financing due to the cost involved with purchasing real estate, such as traditional bank financing or owner financing. Owner financing allows home buyers to finance the purchase directly through the seller and does not involve conventional mortgage lenders or banks. The Austin real estate attorneys at Guerra | Days Law Group are here to assist you from beginning to end.

Eminent Domain

Texas holds a huge amount of land and natural resources, however, the majority of the land in Texas is privately owned. With so much land and resources, the notion of eminent domain becomes extremely pertinent in the state of Texas. If the government or private companies want to take hold of the privately owned land for their own use, Texas eminent domain laws allows such abilities to be exercised. At Guerra | Days Law Group, we are here to tell you: It is your property and we want to serve your best interest.

Business Formation

Do you know the differences between a limited liability company, professional limited liability company, general partnership, limited partnership, corporation, S-Corp, C-Corp, disregarded entity? Which one protects YOUR assets? Which one will lead to the lowest tax consequences? Which one will cost the least to operate? Unless all of these variables are assessed by a competent real estate attorney [emphasis added] , chances are you are exposing you, your family, and your business to unnecessary risk. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”


Typical real estate law offices are notorious for lack of accessibility. If you have attempted to contact more than one attorney, you might have likely experienced this. It’s likely you won’t even get a return call from law firms. It is imperative to retain an attorney that is accessible, yet in addition willing to expertly resolve your inquiries, questions, and concerns. You should have the ability to call your attorney’s office and get your inquiries addressed promptly. Guerra | Days Law Group aims to give the time and consideration every client deserves!


Matters of real estate can be incredibly technical and complex. Since each case is different, retaining an experienced real estate attorney is imperative to obtaining the results you are seeking. Real estate law in Texas is constantly changing, and without a daily practicing attorney, you risk receiving inadequate representation. 

Learning your attorney’s experience level is only natural, so posing the right questions is important. The following are questions you should have in mind at your first consultation: how many current cases the law firm is actively handling; whether the firm handles both litigation and transactional matters; whether they practice at the appellate level; and whether they can provide you with a roadmap of the process to address your matter. A competent attorney ought to be able to answer these questions comfortably and confidently.

Our Austin real estate attorneys are knowledgeable about all areas of real estate law. In fact, real estate litigation matters take place in a variety of different courts, such as: bankruptcy, probate, JP, county, district, and federal courts. The ability to navigate through each court system ought to be a deciding variable on who you choose to retain as your legal counsel. Guerra | Days attorneys’ goal does not change, even if changing courts to acquire a benefit is needed: to devise a legal strategy that considers each court system and its respective rules to provide the best representation.