3103, 2020

Do I have to Pay My Mortgage or Rent During the Coronavirus Shutdown?

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March 31,2020The short answer is YES! While there may be short term relief from either your mortgage company servicer or landlord, you have to be aware that in the near future you will likely be [...]

3007, 2017

Don’t Get Caught in Housing Bubble

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In 2007 the largest housing bubble in American history was inflating and literally popped overnight.  The Mainstream media would prefer that you focus on the DC Circus Show than on the Case-Shiller charts that [...]

1403, 2017

Foreclosure Survey Results

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Posted on March 10, 2017 by Neil Garfield Curated from The Lending Lies Team Several weeks ago we asked our readers to take a brief survey. The results are revealing and expose an egregious pattern [...]

1101, 2017

Top 5 Reasons Sellers Use A Loan Servicer on Owner Finance Transactions

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Need a Real Estate Attorney with Trial Experience? Don't Chance It! Act Now Contact Us Did Your Investment Go [...]

701, 2017

Wrap Around Mortgage and 7 Day Notice in Houston?

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Let's Talk About Wrap Around Mortgages Have you have ever considered entering into a 7 day notice on a wrap around mortgage transaction? If so you must be aware of the due on sale clause. [...]

2211, 2016

Deutsche Bank looking to cut back U.S. mortgage securitization

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Deutsche Bank is trying to cut its mortgage securitization company beginning with repackaged U.S. mortgages, two individuals familiar with the issue said. All while the lender braces for a large fine in the United States [...]

3110, 2016

Housing Bust Part 2? Subprime No-Down-Payment Mortgages Surge, “Shadow Banks” Dominate

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Some of the same characters that played leading roles last time. The value of the US home market has ballooned to $26 trillion. In many markets, prices exceed the earlier bubble that blew up or [...]