Bankruptcy – it’s a word that few people like to hear, but it can represent great opportunities for investors willing to do a little hands-on research. Bankruptcies are a process that occurs when companies can no longer afford to make payments on their debt. Oftentimes, this comes as a result of a bad economic environment, poor internal management, over-expansion, new liabilities, new regulations and a host of other reasons. Our firm knows exactly what happens during a bankruptcy, and how investors can profit from it!

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Why do I need a Bankruptcy Attorney as an Investor or Lender?

With more borrowers using bankruptcy as a foreclosure prevention tool, having a competent bankruptcy attorney can be the difference between having your asset held captive or your property generating income.  Bankruptcy gives borrowers ample protection before you begin receiving your payments as a lender. Do not delay the process longer by not having a system in place to combat these scenarios.  With a competent bankruptcy attorney you should begin receiving your monthly installments 30 days after filing, your payment for arrears within 90-120 days, or begin foreclosure proceedings within 30-60 days.  In most cases lenders end up losing more money than they should due to not knowing what to do.  Get a Free Consultation from a bankruptcy attorney located at one of our offices in San Antonio, Houston, or Edinburg so we can advise you on how to defend against bankruptcy in Texas.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Defenses

If you are a private money lender or an owner finance investor, inevitably a borrower will file bankruptcy to fight foreclosure.  With judges cracking down on allowing frivolous Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO), Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings are on the rise.  The bankruptcy laws in Texas are unambiguous and unforgiving.  Being knowledgeable about bankruptcy law and having a system in place to protect your asset(s) is extremely important to minimize your losses.  Real Estate investors that are inexperienced with bankruptcy defense can lose a whole lot more than just some mortgage payments.  Contact our bankruptcy attorneys to find out what more there is to consider when a debtor files a bankruptcy in Texas.

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