San Antonio Loan Modification Attorney

You are not alone If you are struggling to pay your mortgage. Millions of Americans are a paycheck away from facing foreclosure of their businesses or homes. Fortunately, an attorney from Guerra | Days Law Group can inform you about the several options available for your particular situation, such as a loan modification. Our attorneys successfully provided financial solutions and personally experienced the struggles of families during the 2008 mortgage crisis. Don’t let unpaid mortgage payments prevent you from obtaining financial freedom. Ultimately, we want to find the right solution to assist you in bringing your mortgage current and save your home. Call today to Consult an experienced San Antonio loan modification attorney from Guerra | Days Law Group.

What is a loan modification?

A mortgage modification, or loan modification, is when the mortgage company or servicer handling the loan agrees to restructure the terms of the mortgage with the homeowner to adjust the payment amounts. This can occur when an unexpected life event changes the homeowner’s ability to make their mortgage payment. An attorney from Guerra Days will explain how loan modifications can be very useful to the homeowner in a hardship situation. A skilled San Antonio loan modification attorney from our firm will mediate the loan which can lower interest rates on the loan, reduce the principal balance owed on the loan or even extend the term of the loan.

When do I consider a loan modification?

Typically, San Antonio homeowners should consider a loan modification if:

  • Affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Unable to refinance your loan
  • Home experienced major water damage and the home value is less than your loan balance
  • Lower income since last mortgage
  • High or adjustable mortgage interest rate
  • Extenuating circumstances due to a change in your financial situation

There may be other hardships and situations which may allow you to qualify for a loan modification in Texas. San Antonio homeowners shouldn’t worry because we will work with your mortgage company or servicer to obtain a loan modification.

Options for San Antonians when coronavirus (COVID-19) affects your mortgage

Communities around the world continue to be disrupted by Coronavirus (COVID-19). Here in Texas, the disease has spread into our major cities including the city of San Antonio. As more businesses close, recently terminated homeowners are concerned with housing costs and their affordability. San Antonio homeowners are struggling to pay bills, including mortgage payments.

State and local governments are taking substantial steps to provide relief to homeowners across Texas and San Antonio. The effect of these measures have led to temporary suspension on foreclosures and evictions in certain counties throughout Texas with the hope of lessening the homeowner’s financial burden. It’s imperative for homeowners in San Antonio to know the different types of relief afforded by their local government. San Antonio homeowners need to remember, the relief measures are temporary and will not provide a long term solution.

San Antonio homeowners shouldn’t fear loss of their home due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) because there are some of us still open for business. The attorneys at Guerra | Days Law Group are proactively offering help to struggling homeowners with legal assistance in foreclosure proceedings and eviction across the entire state of Texas. We can help San Antonians find the best possible solution now. Contact our office in San Antonio to schedule a free appointment with any of our qualified attorneys today.

Am I entitled to a loan modification?

No, our San Antonio loan modification attorney will inform you how no one is entitled to loan modification because mortgage companies and servicers are under no obligation to modify your loan to assist you. In fact, some mortgage companies would be happier to foreclose your property than see you pay off the balance owed to them due to rising real estate values. Our San Antonio loan modification attorney can handle the process for you which makes mortgage companies far more likely to cooperate and gives you the best opportunity to save your business or home.

While anyone can apply with their mortgage company for a loan modification, the process is strenuous and long and there are many pitfalls to avoid. Additionally, these mortgage companies and servicers are not going to help you if you make a mistake. A skilled San Antonio loan modification attorney can help you navigate through the complicated process and ensure you have the best chance at modifying your mortgage.

Why the Guerra | Days law group?

The Guerra | Days Law Group is here to protect your interests. Our firm’s San Antonio loan modification attorneys have been helping San Antonio homeowners save their business and homes via loan modifications since 2010. During the 2008 mortgage crisis, our firm’s senior attorneys were in the battle field, helping families bring their crisis to an end successfully before the official formation of Guerra | Days Law Group. Now, as a well-known, established, and trusted firm, our firm’s representation will ease your financial burden. If you are in need of help, do not hesitate to contact our office today and set up a free consultation to decide if a loan modification may be the right choice for you.