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If you are in need of a San Antonio real estate attorney contact us now! The Guerra Days Law Group is a full-service law office that can assist with your real estate needs.


Typical real estate law firms are infamous for lack of accessibility. If you have attempted to connect with more than one attorney, you may have likely encountered this. Often times you will not to receive a return call from law firms.  It’s imperative to retain an attorney that is accessible, yet in addition willing to professionally address your questions and concerns. You ought to be able to assume that you can call your attorney’s office and expeditiously get your questions answered promptly. Guerra Days Law Group strives to give the time and attention each client deserves!


Matters of real estate can be incredibly technical and complex.  Since each case is unique, it’s imperative to retain an experienced real estate attorney to obtain the results you seek.  Real estate law in Texas is continually changing, and without an attorney that practices daily, you risk possibly receiving inadequate representation.

Wanting to know your attorney’s experience is only natural, so it’s important to ask the right questions. You should have the following questions in mind during your initial consultation: how many current cases the law firm is actively handling; whether the firm handles both litigation and transactional matters; whether they practice at the appellate level; and whether they can provide you with a roadmap of the process to address your matter. A competent attorney should be able to comfortably and confidently answer these questions.

Our San Antonio real estate attorneys are experienced in all aspects of real estate law. In fact, real estate litigation matters take place in a variety of different courts, such as: bankruptcy, probate, JP, county, district, and federal courts. The ability to navigate through each court system should be a determining factor on who you decide to retain as your legal counsel. Guerra Days attorneys’ objective remains the same, even if switching courts to gain an advantage is required: to formulate a legal strategy that takes each court system and its respective rules into consideration to provide the best representation.

Full Service Staff

Without a competent legal staff, it is difficult to run an effective and successful real estate law firm . We have all heard the saying you are only as fast as your slowest ship; in the field of law, this could not be truer.

One of the reasons why San Antonio real estate law is so unique is because matters may be argued in a variety of venues.  Having an all around prepared staff that comprehends the different real estate principles associated with every venue is essential to yield the best service. The legal staff behind the Guerra Days Law Group attorneys is experienced across the legal spectrum and able to obtain the best available outcome by strategizing an appropriate course of action.

Client-Driven Attorneys

Legal costs can be exorbitant and overwhelming, which is why it’s imperative you retain the right San Antonio real estate attorney. From financial standing to time sensitivity, each client’s case is different. Thus, it’s important to retain an attorney that understands the balance of obtaining quick results and the best results. Guerra Days Law Group San Antonio attorneys are client-driven and committed to obtaining the best results in the least amount of cost and time. WL – WebLinks Directory

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