Filing B
ankruptcy Is Not An End…..
                  It is a New Beginning

Houston Bankruptcy Attorney

The thought of filing a bankruptcy (Ch. 7, Ch. 13, or Ch. 11) is quite frightening and stressful to most people. During times of hardship, people may find themselves in the difficult position of having to choose between purchasing groceries for their family and paying the mortgage or car note. While we certainly do not treat bankruptcy as a cure all or recommend bankruptcy to our clients as a first option without considering all alternatives, Guerra | Days Law Group has found, once people understand the process and benefits that filing for bankruptcy can provide, the fear and sense of failure can quickly be alleviated.

Bankruptcy During the COVID-19 Coronavirus

During this Coronavirus Pandemic, many local County Courts have implemented a “Stay Home” order to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). In many cases, orders to postpone foreclosures and evictions have been included in these orders. While some may utilize the extra time to find a solution to their circumstances, others may not know where to turn for relief. The lenders are going to be very aggressive once the orders expire and will not have any patience or sympathy to extend the process any longer. Do not be a victim, call one of our Houston bankruptcy attorneys as soon as possible to get your free consultation. The more time we have, the chances of resolving your matter significantly increases.

Who Should File for Bankruptcy?

Most people file for bankruptcy for the following reasons:

  • Anyone unable to pay their debts
  • To save a property (Residential or Commercial)
  • To discharge or consolidate credit card debt
  • To prevent a judgment in a lawsuit or discharge a judgment from a lawsuit
  • To get a fresh start and begin a new financial journey

Why Guerra | Days Law Group?

The Houston bankruptcy attorneys at Guerra | Days Law Group can assist in all bankruptcy matters (Ch. 7, Ch. 13, or Ch. 11). We specialize, however, in real property related bankruptcy issues. This could be anything from a tract of land to a commercial building and everything in between. These types of cases may require litigation within the bankruptcy which not all bankruptcy attorneys have experience with.

Our Houston Bankruptcy Attorneys have saved many properties from foreclosure and litigated several cases within the Bankruptcy Courts. Are you concerned if you qualify or unsure how a bankruptcy works? Don’t let that prevent you from taking action, that is what we are here for. If you are in jeopardy of losing your property call one of our competent attorneys today.