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Texas Construction Law

The construction world is unique in many regards; construction projects can range from the remodeling of one’s kitchen to the construction of a high-rise apartment complex. Regardless of the project size, issues will almost inevitably arise. General contractors, subcontractors, owners, material providers, sureties, lenders and everything else in between must be familiar with the rules and regulations involved at every level in the construction industry, with particular attention to their respective position.

Contract Disputes

Most construction projects are governed by some form of contract or agreement. The contract typically specifies, among other things, the work to be done, the time frame and parameters for the project, cost, and expectations. The contract will also delineate the remedies available in the event of breach, delay, and other harm suffered by an injured party. Most importantly, the contract binds the parties to specific terms and conditions laid out in the agreement.

Why Guerra | Days Construction Attorneys

No contract is perfectly drafted. Construction risk management and avoidance requires a careful review. Our job as construction attorneys is to prevent potential disputes. Contracts demand vigilant review and negotiation prior to signing in order to eliminate ambiguity and future risks. A Houston construction attorney from our firm can detect and recognize legal risks beyond the obvious errors and inaccuracies. Call us today for a free consult!

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  • Suppliers
  • Labor Force
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  • Designers