Property Disputes

Whether it be disagreements with mortgage companies or problems with neighbors over boundary and property lines, we can help. With great knowledge in Texas Real Estate, our team can guide you. Get the help you need today.


Your loved one may have passed leaving a last will and testament or could have no will at all. In Texas, you must probate an estate before you can collect, but not all estates need to be probated. Click here to find out if you have to probate your estate.


Facing foreclosure can be difficult for everyone. Don’t panic. Let us help you find creative solutions and be your strength during these troubling times.

Owner Financing

Do you want to buy property but are unable to qualify for financing? Owner financing allows buyers to receive loans from the seller or business without interference from a third party.

Real Estate Attorneys who help with Tax Disputes in San Antonio, Houston, and Edinburg Texas

Loan Modifications

Owning a home in Houston can be an expensive responsibility. Homeowners sometimes need to modify their mortgages to help reduce monthly payments to an affordable amount. Our attorneys have various solutions to help ease the burden.


No one wants to have to declare bankruptcy. We have good news for you, declaring bankruptcy is NOT the only way! Our team can help you repay your debts without filing for bankruptcy.

Construction Law

Construction law in Texas provides protection for both contractors and subcontractors. Our team can assist you with contract revisions, implemented policies in Texas, and any other related advice you may need.


Have you been wrongly evicted? In Texas, a landlord can ask you to vacate the rental property if you have violated the lease agreement in some way. Click here to find out more information on eviction in Texas.

Deed Preparation

Deeds in Texas are required to reflect certain rules in order for that deed to be considered a valid deed. Any unintentional mistake or error can lead to potential harm. Be prepared and contact any one our worthy attorneys for more information on deed preparations.

Business Formation

Don’t know the type of business structure your personal business should follow? If unsure which route deems most beneficial to your business, give us a call so we can provide you with the tools and knowledge needed for a healthy business.

Family Law

Family Law in Texas covers a vast array of issues. From divorce cases to child custody battles, you need an attorney who can successfully negotiate and advocate on your behalf in court if necessary.

Eminent Domain

The concept of eminent domain is extremely relevant to the state of Texas. Simply put, it states no one is authorized to take your property for public use without providing compensation in return. We recommend speaking to one of our experienced eminent domain attorneys for better guidance.