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“A winning litigator knows when to fight and when to negotiate.” -Rick Guerra

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Houston Real Estate Attorney

If you have landed on this page it’s probably because you are seeking to retain a Houston real estate attorney.  As simple as that may sound, it can be a more cumbersome task than anticipated.  These days it’s not as easy as opening the phone book and calling the first Houston real estate attorney that you come across.  If you use this method, you may regret not taking the time find the right one for you.   

Houston Real Estate Attorney Competence

Real estate law is an area of law that not all attorneys practice.  If this is what you’re looking for It’s important to find an attorney that focuses on real estate law and has experience in this area.   Just like you wouldn’t want a podiatrist performing open heart surgery, a general practitioner or a personal injury attorney shouldn’t assist you with your real estate needs.  Real estate law is constantly changing, and if you don’t have an attorney that practices it on a daily basis you may not get adequate representation.

How will you know if the attorney you’re considering to represent you is competent?  There’s no better way to find out than asking – and having those answers verified.  Ask how many current cases they are working.  Does the firm do litigation or just transactional work?  If they do litigation, do they practice at the appellate level? Can they give you a roadmap of the process to address your matter? A competent attorney should be able to answer these questions comfortably and confidently.  Don’t stop there either, talk to the staff.  Does the staff have confidence in the attorneys?  You can find out quite a bit by asking the right questions.

Houston Real Estate Attorney Availability

One of the biggest complaints in law is the attorney’s availability.   If you’ve called more than one attorney you may have already experienced this.  It’s not uncommon to call a law office and never have your call returned.  Even if someone does answer, they seem like they’re in a hurry to simply take a message and get off the phone as quickly as possible.  It’s important to make sure the attorney you retain is accessible. You should be able to trust that you can call the real estate law office representing you and get answers. Even if your attorney is not always available, pick a firm that has staff that can help answer questions and get you updates.  The last thing you should have to do is spend all your time trying to chase down your attorney.

Houston Real Estate Attorney Staff

It is impossible to run an efficient and successful real estate firm without a competent legal staff.  We have all heard the saying you are only as fast as your slowest ship.  That could not be more true in the field of real estate law.

Real estate law is unique that it is typically more black and white than other areas of law.  Most matters dealing with real estate have certain documents associated with them.  If you want to transfer a property you need a deed.  If you want to create a loan, you need a promissory note.  If you want to sell a house you will usually use a purchase contract.  

Having a well trained staff that understand these real estate principals is imperative in providing the service and results clients deserve.  Imagine if you always had to wait to speak to the attorney to get any answers.  There are only so many attorneys and many clients.  A competent legal staff helps bridge the gap to maximize the attorney’s time.  They can help answer questions and steer you in the right direction.

This especially holds true with litigation.  Having a well trained legal staff during the litigation process can make the difference between winning and losing a case.  With so much legal work in a litigation case, the attorneys count on their staff to be competent to represent their clients.  In addition, this can help a client reduce cost by paying paralegal rates as opposed to attorney rates.

Real Estate Litigator vs. Real Estate Trial Attorney

If you are seeking assistance on a litigation matter, It is important to have a real estate litigation attorney that has trial experience. Kimberlee Kovach, a professor of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and negotiations at South Texas College of Law, defines a litigator as “one who uses the real estate litigation or court system as the primary tool to resolve a client’s problem”.  A great litigator consciously chooses the court system over ADR and can effectively use either. The problem is that most “litigators” have never even stepped into a courtroom.
Studies have shown, going to court to try a case is actually a very atypical activity for the modern litigator. Survey data has shown that 30 percent of all litigators have never tried a single case to a jury. Don’t get fooled into thinking all litigators have trial experience.  Trial experience can play a big role in your success in real estate litigation, as each case tells a different story.  If you don’t know what to expect in the courtroom, how can you properly assess a case?  How do you know what to ask for during discovery? How do you know that accepting a settlement might be the wrong move?

Having a Houston real estate attorney that knows what to do in these situations is why it is so beneficial to have a competent real estate trial attorney.  Outcomes rely on many different factors, but your Houston real estate attorney should be confident to go to trial if need be.  Don’t be forced to settle a case just because your attorney is scared or inexperienced in a trial court setting. There is more than meets the eye when choosing which Houston real estate attorney to retain for your matter.  At the Guerra Days Law Group, PLLC we try and treat our clients like we would want to be treated.  That means seeing things through our clients perspective and building a real estate law firm that takes those views in consideration when practicing law.  Here we are people first, we just happen to practice law.  Feel free to browse through our site and discover how we can assist you with your real estate legal needs.


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