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Guerra | Days Law Group proudly represents tenants in evictions and in all other landlord-tenant disputes. Our firm understands how unforeseen obstacles and events can enable a client’s financial burden, which unfortunately can result with an eviction. As your legal representative, our firm believes it is important for a tenant to understand the eviction notice, especially if it was served wrongfully. If you have been served with an eviction notice and do not know what to do or have been wrongfully evicted, contact an eviction attorney from Guerra | Days Law Group immediately. Our firm is equipped with the necessary tools and tactics to stop your eviction now.

Understanding the Texas Landlord-Tenant Eviction Process

An eviction is a legal proceeding following a tenant’s failure to vacate a piece of property. In Texas, if a landlord evicts a tenant, the landlord is required to legally terminate the lease before the tenant can be evicted. A tenant must also be provided a written notice by the landlord, indicating the violation. Upon receiving the written notice, the tenant has three days to vacate the property, depending on the lease term. An eviction attorney from our firm will be able to provide more information regarding your lease term.

In Texas, there are two types of eviction notices a landlord can serve, depending on the type of eviction:

  • A Three-day Notice to Vacate (common) – The tenant has three (3) days to vacate the premise
  • A Thirty-day Notice to Vacate – If the tenant has a month-to-month lease term, then the tenant has thirty (30) days to vacate the premise

It is important to note, a landlord is not required to allow the tenant to fix or amend the violation in order to prevent an eviction. Therefore, if a tenant is still in occupancy of the property after the three-day period expires, only then can the landlord file for an eviction proceeding in the appropriate court.

Texas law mandates a landlord follow certain rules and procedures for a valid and legal eviction. However, these rules and procedures can be burdensome for landlords and often lead to invalid or illegal evictions, leaving the tenant without a home. Our proficient eviction attorneys at Guerra | Days Law Group will represent you, as the tenant, and defend your rights against the landlord. We want our clients to keep the roof over their heads, so call us today and stop your eviction.