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Texas holds a huge amount of land and natural resources, however, the majority of the land in Texas is privately owned. With so much land and resources, the notion of eminent domain becomes extremely pertinent in the state of Texas. If the government or private companies want to take hold of the privately owned land for their own use, Texas eminent domain laws allows such abilities to be exercised. These government agencies or private companies have their own agenda and will try to acquire the piece of land by any means necessary, and when your property is being threatened, the situation can become cumbersome. At Guerra | Days Law Group, we are here to tell you: It is your property and we are here to serve your best interest. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult an experienced Houston eminent domain attorney from our firm to help you understand the best available options.

Eminent Domain & Condemnation

The notion of eminent domain is derived from the US Constitution. Likewise, the Texas Constitution adopted the same notion of eminent domain, stating, “property may not be taken, damaged, or destroyed for public use without payment of just compensation.” The meaning of “just compensation,” however, is open to interpretation and is often one-sided. Compensation may be offered but government agencies or authorized companies do not care if the compensation is actually just or fair. If the entity exercises their right to eminent domain, an appraisal of the property will be conducted by the entity and subsequently, an offer will be made to the property owner. If you have received a property seizure notice via eminent domain, call Guerra | Days Law Group talk to a Houston eminent domain attorney today.

The procedure used to legally acquire the property is called condemnation. The entity becomes the condemning authority and the property owner receives a condemnation offer. Typically, the appraised offer will be much lower than the fair market value and relevant facts will not factored into the offer. Thus, not offering you a just and adequate compensation. Once again, entities such as these do not care to hold your best interest; to them, only their interests matter. Entities will utilize their authority or other intimidation tactics and attempt to pressure your decision to accept the condemnation offer as is. You DO NOT have to accept the condemnation offer. It is imperative to have the guidance of an eminent domain attorney, so let our firm’s combined experience work for you.

Houston Condemnation Attorneys at Guerra | Days Law Group

It is never in your best interest to accept a condemnation offer without seeking legal counsel in Texas. At Guerra | Days Law Group, we not only examine the details of your case, we can also negotiate the condemnation offer, as Houston’s condemnation attorneys, on your behalf. Our attorneys will help determine the true value of your property and explain the pros and cons of a taking. As the owner of the property, you possess the right to contest the condemnation offer and you have the right to recover full and fair compensation. Let our Houston Eminent Domain Attorneys be your guide and defend your property.