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Hurricane Harvey Relief

Transcribed from Rick Guerra – Guerra Days Law Group Real Estate Attorney

Hurricane Harvey was and continues to be devastating to many of us here in Texas and the surrounding areas. There’s a tremendous amount of work to be done in the aftermath, and at Guerra | Days Law Group, we understand how overwhelming that can be. Our expertise in legal matters surrounding the devastation caused by Harvey may help you find some peace of mind during these difficult times. There are several steps you can take right now to make sure you receive the rightful amount owed to you.

Understanding the difference between a traditional homeowner’s insurance policy and actual flood insurance is important when filing your claim. Even though your home may be in a floodplain, that doesn’t mean your homeowner’s policy covers flood damage. Homeowner’s insurance provides basic coverage but generally it will not cover losses caused by rising water.

The National Flood Insurance program, however, is a federal program that specifically protects against damage caused by a rising body of water. There are several technical requirements that must be met to properly file a claim; however, it is important to remember that insurance companies are generally not in the business to pay you the most possible. In many instances, insurance companies have even been accused and even found liable for avoiding paying appropriate claims.

During this time, you must watch for quick lowball offers or for a downright denial of your claim in its entirety. At Guerra | Days, we are committed to making sure you don’t get caught in this runaround, that you are treated fairly, and that you receive the relief that you deserve. Many insurance companies right now are processing a huge number of claims, and may try to make filing a claim challenging, or even seem impossible.

Remember: these representatives are looking out for the insurance company’s interest, not necessarily yours. Denying claims, or simply reducing the amount actually owed to you in order to reduce their substantial payouts is part of their focus, but you don’t have to settle if you are not comfortable. If you had coverage but were still denied, we want you to know that you still have help if you need it. One of your most important rights is to know and understand the exact reason why your claim was not approved.

The entire appeals process to resolve your claim can be a long, costly, and difficult process, but the good news is you don’t have to face this alone. We are here to assist you throughout the entire process. The effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt for years to come, but putting your life back together shouldn’t have to take that long. Our legal experts at Guerra | Days Law Group are willing and able to help you receive all the relief you are entitled to. Please call us now.